Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wynton Kelly - Piano Interpretations (1951)



swboy said...

Thanks for posting this great music. There is a problem with some of the files.
Tracks 8, 12 and 14 are named by Win RAR as "corrupt" and can't be extracted

jazzme said...

Great cd get it while it is posted it is OOP

E-mile said...

hi birdy
I'm a first time visitor, a few wonderful albums!
I'll be checking you out more often in the future!
If you would, please check me too?
kind regards, E-mile

Reza said...

thx for the comments @ mine
will link you , maybe you can do the same :)

sg said...

i love the cover art!

lemoncat,, said...

wow..first time here stumbled upon your blog tonight,,
some very interesting music here i look forward to checking this out and thanx for taking the time man..

E-mile said...

Hi Brooding Bird,
it's "How Insensitive" from 1969, that means the one after "The Phantom". see the review from AMG:
I'm planning on Ronald Kirk starter kits as well, so maybe visit once in a while?
regards, E-mile

E-mile said...

Hi B.B.
thanks for the suggestionn, and yes I have the 2CD from Rhino.
Being a Kirkanatic myself, I have (I think) all albums and CDs by the man. And some where he performs on (Mingus, R.Hayes etc)
It's gonna be H. of a J. to select only 10 songs, there is DEFINETELY gonna be more than 1 part here :-)
But a starterkit should provide some essentials (or just my 10 favs:-)
regards, E-mile

Big Papi said...

Thanks for the JR Monterose, love his work. Great spot you got here. Small question, as SWBoy stated, could not extract tracks 8 & 14. Stop by my spot and help yourself : ROCKCITYGENTLEMEN.BLOGSPOT.COM.

Ad said...

swboy's right, they're corrupt. Pity...

E-mile said...

Hi Broody, I "encountered a few technical difficulties" in the Wynton Kelly 1951, Booker Little 1960 (turns out I already know this one though) and the Rocky Boyd Quintet.
Goodluck with the "solvation" and maybe the winrar doesn't work in a Mac? I don't know much about Macs I'm afraid.
And by the way, like Jazzme said bout the Wynton Kelly album being OOP: for little cash it's buyable!
happy hunting, all the best of computerluck & regards, E-mile

Big Papi said...

Sorry to pester you, but I could not extract tracks 8, 14 & 15, got CRC Failed error message. Could you possibly repost at least these three tracks? While I'm asking, got same error message for Rocky Boyd, tracks 3 & 6, and track 8 on Herbie Nichols. Hate to be a bother, but these three artists are hot. Thanks. ONE

E-mile said...

Hi Broody,
just to let you know the starterkit of Rashaan is out there :-)
Be sure additions will follow!
regards, E-mile

chrisd said...

Just found you. Wow! Great music, great writing! Elias Canetti rubbing shoulders with Ahmed Abdul-Malik, you gotta love it!

Here's what I do: Book.

E-mile said...

hi Broody,
I totally forgot,
but the program needs a PW:
it's from where I found this program, it's a great blog too [:-)

kind regards,

Anonymous said...

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kristo said...

I had no trouble opening any of the files.Try using to open files.Great blog

Pepe said...

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Anonymous said...


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